20 Jul 2020

The year so far - 2020

2020 has been an interesting year ....

We started the year with a few really great training sessions, both with the horses and on foot. Photo by Amber F. Photographer

One of the last public events before covid-19 restrctions was the the Begonia Festival Parade in Ballarat. This year, I walked with the “By the Sword” group.

It is clear now that the vast majority of events will be cancelled for the rest of the year. This year was to be my first at Gumaracha Medieval Fair - as part of The King’s Horses, but that was not to be. I expect there won’t be a St.Ives or Timeline Festival, or any skill at arms events. On a positive note, we had some super training sessions at the beginning of the year, both on foot and with horses.

Keldan has come a long way. He now has his new saddle made by Ed’s Medieval Saddlery, and he’s comfortably carrying me with the harness. He’s had a couple of training sessions doing joust practice and has passed with flying colours.

Pinta has also made big progress, and while I have focused on dressage, she has had her share of skill at arms training and being ridden in armour.

I acquired another horse (no, really…). Phoebus is a grey Standardbred gelding and his role will be mainly jousting and of course pleasure riding. Not too surprisingly, he is gaited, so that means there is definitely more pleasure in the trail riding. He also has a magnificent canter, and shows some ability to collect, so there is potential for other things as well. He is coming along really well and is now happily carrying me when wearing armour, doing passes and he seems to think that hitting the quintain is fun.

For now, we are unable to do much training as a group, but training goes on all the same. We’ll see what the rest of the year will bring.

Photos by Amber F. Photographer, Yvonne Lehey and Margaret Swan.