Lady Christiane

Equestrian * reenactor * martial artist * jouster

Welcome to my world

I always wanted to be a knight

... from early childhood, that was my dream. I grew up in a village with a castle. I had horses. But it wasn't until much later, in Australia, that I came to realise that dream.

I am a rider, reenactor, jouster and martial artist. I compete in skill at arms and horse archery contests. I also love foot combat with sword, pollaxe, dagger or spear and it is my goal to compete in foot tournaments as well. I have an extensive competition background in a broad range of equestrian sports and in martial arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) tournaments. My reenactment focus is the 15th Century and my jousting harness is Italian export style modelled after the Warwick effigy.

I am passionate about horses. I run a stud, specialising in Gaited Horses (Paso Fino, American Saddlebred, Gaited Morgan, Icelandic Horse). I start and educate my own horses using classical dressage principles and methods. I have a particular interest in historical equitation and horse equipment, which combines well with my reenactment activities.

I also love making things, and have turned my hand to leatherwork and sewing. I have made bridles, barding, bags, belts and headwear, as well as tailoring maille and other small projects. I try, as much as possible, to use historical sources as guidance.