25 Sep 2019

St.Ives Medieval Faire 2019

My first trip to St.Ives

St.Ives Medieval Faire was held held in Sydney in late September 2019.

I went to Sydney with JOAS and we were part of the 14th Century encampment. I helped set up the trebuchet and scored a bucket ride this time. Unlike at WJC, I didn’t get a chance to participate in the trebuchet demonstrations though.

Craig, Cherilyn and I, with the help of several valets and an announcer, did an arming demo on Saturday and Sunday in the village green. On Sunday, we also managed to fit in a brief harnischfechten demo, mainly using halfswording techniques.

On Sunday night, I helped Cherilyn run an ‘introduction to longsword’ session for the ladies of the 14th century camp. This was a fun session under lights, after dinner, when the showgrounds were quiet and the public had gone.

I managed to pick up some nice handmade pottery stuff from The Flaming Gargoyle. I didn’t spend money on anything else. The folks who ran the 14th Century combined kitchen did a magnificent job and we were fed so well. There never was the slightest incentive to buy any food from the multitude of vendors on the showgrounds.

I watched most of the jousting over the weekend, which was a solids tourney. Particularly the final was very impressive.