19 Sep 2020

September 2020 update

Locked down but busy

Due to the return of lockdowns, we haven’t been able to do much group training, except a couple of ridden sessions before lockdown version 2. And at that point, the weather was pretty inclement, so there was only one session of riding in armour. It is fantastic to see that others in the group are adding to their harness - it is exciting to think that very soon, there will be several of us in full 15h century harness, with proper clothing, saddles and barding to go with it. And even the non-armour people have the best kit, just a joy to look at.

Rev has had a bit of time out, he was a fool and injured himself. But he’s all good again and I have just started to ride him again. I love that horse, he is so much fun. Pinta and Phoebus and Keldan are learning the Spanish walk, and have been doing stuff on and off through the winter. I have been exploring tracks a bit further from home base, so we’ve put in a few miles as well.

Winter and lay-off have meant time to work on kit. I have acquired some rather beautiful materials, which will be turned into various clothing. I have made three sets of barding. One is really more 14th Century, from Gaston Phoebus’ Hunting Book, but the dagged style can be seen later as well. The other two sets are a later style. I still have a huge amount of things to make or to finish, but at least there is some progress. One project I did finish was to make a stand for my harness.

Craig from Manning Imperial made a longsword for me, which is a present from Margaret Swan. It is based on the Munich Sword, but the inscription was changed (from: oh maria, hilf mir bit) to bonitas (kindness) on one side and ratio (reason) on the other side, and the pommel inserts reflect my heraldry.

It was late September two years ago that my harness arrived from overseas. That wasn’t the start of the journey, but it was a big milestone. A lot has happened since then, a few sobering things, but so many improvements and good times. We learn from the tough bits as well as the good bits and grow and carry on. Things are looking good. I am fortunate to have friends who support me in my crazy endeavours, friends to train with in the most cooperative environment possible and good horses with big hearts. And we can train again, now that covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. And train we shall and have a jolly good time!