17 Nov 2019

Malmsbury Village Fayre 2019

We did the medieval thing at the Fayre in picturesque Malmsbury

Malmsbury Village Fayre was held at in the Botanic Garden at Malmsbury, Victoria on 17th November, 2019.

I attended with JOAS as part of a medieval display with a tent, weapons and handcraft displays. In the afternoon, we did an armouring and combat demonstration. Cherilyn and I demonstrated half swording and dagger and wrestling moves in 15th Century harness, and Craig and Nigel showed pollaxe techniques in 14th century harness.

This was the first event I attended this year as reenactor that actually had nice weather. In fact it was glorious.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of the armoured combat or the harnessing up. But I know for a fact that we had a sizeable crowd and that lots of pictures and videos were taken.