15 Apr 2020

Hastilude 2020

I took part in Hastilude for the first time.

Hastilude is a private reenactment event. I had to get together some 14th Century kit for the occasion. I don’t have much soft kit, really only hose and shoes and a Norman tunic that I sort of hide under a nice dagged hood. Well, a belt, a pouch and dagger and I get by. On day I’ll have to make some better upper wear.

The venue is very pretty, in a little meadow next to a small woodland, and a creek on the other side. The encampment looked fabulous, and I camped out there one night.

I did manage to partially refurbish a dodgy bascinet before the event, so I could use it with a borrowed arming cap, and someone lent me a heather shield for the group foot combat. My old gambeson, a standard, borrowed maille mittens and off I went. It was my first time being involved in this and it was really quite good fun. I was killed so many times…

I took along Keldan and picked up Ruby and Algernon on the way. We went for a little ride in the afternoon and did a horse care and saddling up demo the following day.

All photos by Amber F. Photographer.